The theoretical foundation of this essay is derived from the sex-role theory that is based upon a theatrical symbol whereby all social behavior is perceived as a type of performance. People act in ways that are socially approved. Being a man or woman is to play a particular sexual role. Masculinity and femininity represents direction which males and females have to learn to perform’ (Edley & Wetherall, 1996:100). The object chosen for this paper is perfume/cologne and how the object constructs and conveys gender and sexual identity.

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It is obvious that perfume has biological importance for sexual attraction for the opposite sex. The chemicals in perfumes applied in our body have a strong bearing on our sexual attractiveness through various mechanisms such as seducing or attracting a biologically incompatible mate and increasing self-confidence for sexual stimulus.


Belk, Russel (1995): “Collecting as Luxury Consumption”, Journal of Economic
Psychology, 16:3, 477-490

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