Separation of Mixtures

Separation of Mixtures

Separation of Mixtures

This report critically elaborates and gives a vivid description about both physical and chemical reactions determined to analytically give correct inferences based on the experimental end results. A concrete analytical data is given to show the possible outcome and the end results of the laboratory experiment. For example, the separation of salt from sand should involve the physical experimental process in order to come up with two separate products of the same mixture.

Consequently, in order to separate the two products; their matter forms should be keenly looked into. It is quite clear that sand is insoluble while salt is soluble hence, making it easier to dissolve the salt by adding water and stirring up. Equally, the salt being insoluble; it will remain as filtration or sieving process takes place.

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Specifically, conclusions are drawn or reached at once a given set of experiment has been done.

This zero rates the error package; which is most likely to occur through manual systems of experimenting. However, there were no possible errors experienced with our experiments apart from the physical ones such spilling of the acid on the floor. The erroneous package will be solved through creating more confidence in students and ensuring masterly of experimental content in order to avoid such practical eventualities.

Haan, A., & Bosch, H. (2013). Industrial Separation Processes Fundamentals. Berlin: De Gruyter.

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