Selling medical ultrasound technology in Asia

Selling medical ultrasound technology in Asia

Selling medical ultrasound technology in Asia

Most of the engineering companies develop technologies with an aim of helping people to solve their problems. However, the urge to provide such solutions does not leave a room to consider other factors that are detrimental to the society and company reputation. Introduction of ultrasound was meant to solve medical problem, but it turned out to cause more harm than good to some societies.

The producers did not know this fact until when Pat was sent to a business trip in Asia.  Pat discovered how the technology that was meant to diagnose diseases was used to intentionally identify and interrupt female pregnancies.

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To my thinking, I would implement my choices by ensuring that the company carries aggressive survey on different cultures before introducing their products. Where cultures are unfriendly to the product, I should recommend educating them on some dangers associated with such cultures and advice them on importance of ignoring such cultures.

In conclusion, ultrasound can be beneficial to the society, but it can also be disastrous depending on how it is used. Producers have good motives, but failure to understand different cultures can result to misuse of the technology. To ensure that such technology is beneficial to society, it sale should be limited to authorized medical practitioners.

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