Social work is a proficient and educational discipline that seeks out to advance the quality of life and idiosyncratic well-being of persons and communities. As a social work student, I bring on board knowledge and skills needed to ensure the benefit for the less advantaged individuals in the society.

Personally, am vocal, objective, patient, dependable, perceptive, and organized. Trust is key to any successful venture as a social worker; additionally, people need someone who is understanding and patient (Butler & Roberts, 2005).

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In conclusion, the Field Practicum experience will help test my resilience and strengthen it; social workers see challenging cases daily, and this inexorably tests one’s emotional forte. Being in the practical world will help in fetching the superlative out of me as a social worker.

Butler, I., & Roberts, G. (2005). Social work with children and families. London [u.a.: Kingsley.

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