Self-Defeating Attitudes: Self-Handicapping in Athletics

Self Handicapping in Athletics

Self-Defeating Attitudes: Self-Handicapping in Athletics

Hung & Chen (2008) Implicit Theory of Athletic Ability and Self-Handicapping in College Students’ article talks about Self-Handicapping. The hypothesis used in the article is “Self-handicapping is a maladaptive behavior which undermines students’ achievements, but the antecedents of self-handicapping are not well studied in physical education. The aim was to examine the relations of the implicit theory of abilities and self-handicapping in physical education”. The research set out to determine that hypothesis.

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The results of these research are very relevant to my life. Personally I would like to develop incremental belief and change my entity beliefs. I always stop my effort when I face any possibility of my efforts going to waste. Changing that perspective will help me attain self-handicapping and thus make me better at doing things. To achieve many things a person needs to see failure as a way of learning and not as a setback. That is what this research has taught me and the research was conclusive.

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