Self-Confidence in Sports

Self-Confidence in Sports

Self-Confidence in Sports

Self-Confidence in Sports:Hazing refers to the practice of formalities and other deeds that involve abuse, harassment or humiliation that are usually practiced as a way of initiation people into a particular group. Hazing is practiced in different types of social groups such as military groups, schools, teams, and gangs. (Nuwer, 2000, p. 33). The law prohibits all hazing activities because they result to physical and psychological abuse. It is a situation that causes embarrassment, degradation, ridicule of an individual in a given social structure. The paper seeks to look into the history of hazing, problems associated with it and how it can be prevented.

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Documented cases related to hazing date back to the 1600s, and this means that it is an ancient activity. There are many historical incidents that were associated with hazing. Over the years, hazing has resulted in deaths, introduction of laws and also development of conflicts between hazing groups and authorities. In 1945, Leipzing University prohibited the hazing of freshmen by other students. Everyone who was associated with to the university was forbidden to torment, insult, drench with water and urine, harass, mock by whistling, use terrifying voice towards other students or dare to molest other students. In 1684, a student, Harvard student by the name Joseph Webb was expelled because of hazing accusations. (Sweet, 1999, p. 40).

Hazing fraternities existed many years ago, and they continue to dominate our schools to date. Hazing has resulted in the loss of many lives particularly in schools. It is, therefore, essential to come up with strategies on how to deal with hazing. On the other hand, success in every sport calls for self-confidence. Effective intervention programs should be introduced.

Nuwer, H. (1990). Broken Pledges: The Deadly Rite of Hazing. Longstreet Press, Inc., 2150 Newmarket Parkway, Suite 102, Marietta, GA 30067.

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