Helping is much more than assisting someone in getting his/her chores done, completing homework or helping them in understanding a certain concept. I want to be a helper because I am aware of my inner self and soul and can differentiate good and bad. Helping is educating people, helping them deal, and understanding themselves and situations in life. Helping people through situations that are difficult by lending them a listening ear and giving them, council is a great part of the reason why I want to be a helper.

I am a good friend and colleague to people around me. I realize and analyze situations that affect people and where they need to speak to someone without being judged. This is because people explore issues and questions better when they have a listening, caring and respecting helper.

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I listen keenly and engage them in conversation which helps them in addressing their issues without feeling intimidated. Reactions of anger and upset can prove quite challenging especially when dealing with issues of child abuse and neglect. The reactions towards this are transference because they are similar issues that affect a vulnerable group in society.

Having such a reaction could trigger irrational ideas and decisions that may affect the process. This is because clients narrating stories of child violence could bring back memories and experiences from the past. This can affect the judgment and advice given which may cause failure or unsuccessful course.

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