Self-analysis is studying oneself. After reviewing myself, I have realized that am not doing well in class. Therefore, there are steps that I need to do take so that I can improve and move ahead. I have been procrastinating a lot lately.  I keep on adjourning my studies for a very long time. Always having the notion that there is enough time. It has resulted to lack of seriousness whenever I do my work in order to meet the deadline. I have to work as soon I get an assignment so that I can have ample time to do the required research. Without procrastination, it means that I will have enough to go through my work even before the deadline. (Danielson, 2002, p.19).

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When I develop, a positive attitude will allow me to be optimistic towards my studies and my instructors. This way, I will change, and move ahead. Remaining focused will help me develop good mastery skills. I have been having a problem with distractions lately. Movies and daydreaming are the common ones but in order to improve, I have to remain focused every time am doing my studies. I also have to be confident with myself. Believing that I can do better no matter the circumstances. When am sure of what am supposed to do, I can move forward without fear or pessimism. Confidence enables a person to ask questions when necessary.

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