Selecting target market

Selecting target market

Selecting target market

Before selecting a market, the marketing director will consider the geographic factors which will affect the market. Geographic factors include population density, locality and the weather. A place where is within the proximity of the company will be the most effective because it will be easy to transport the manufactured products.

A region with a high population provides a market for the company’s products. The marketing director will consider the population of the region before selecting it as the company’s target.

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Apart of the state with high population of young people results to great distribution of company’s products. The convenience of a particular place as far as transportation is concerned will affect the distribution. The part of the state where the structure is suitable makes distribution much easier and greater.

Targeting the suburbs can result to greater distribution of products because they are the highly populated places in every given state and the higher the population, the bigger the market and the distribution of the company’s products.

Carpenter, J. M., & Moore, M. (2006). Consumer demographics, store attributes, and retail format choice in the US grocery market. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 34(6), 434-452.

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