Security versus Privacy

Security versus Privacy

Security versus Privacy

The security of any nation is by far one of the top priorities of a government. By all means any nation chooses to keep its borders safe by ensuring all the available resources and manpower are put in place for security purposes. Achieving the highest level of security in America can be possible since we have the human capacity as well as the necessary means to succeed. The direction that the American government has taken, of course with the modern technologies that are quite the most important tool the government uses, is viewed as jeopardizing the privacy of its citizens to keep them safe.

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The issue with terrorism is that, it scales up higher with time and on a complex level thus the fact that there is a means to prevent a nation from terrorism is simply the route to take by the government. Other means of securing a nation with the modern technologies can be employed but surveillance has proved to be the best. Security is in this case superior to privacy thus; the government must ensure the NSA thoroughly checks on security through the surveillance state security.

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