Second language acquisition stages

Second language acquisition stages

Second language acquisition stages

The picture rising from research of the second language growth is, unsurprisingly, extremely complex. This paper will look into the capability of second language acquisition through the investigation of how it is achieved and the various stages involved. Additionally, it will look at age as being a factor in the knowledge of another language besides the mother tongue.

Furthermore, research like on motivation in conjunction with particular learning environments along with the language attitudes and exposure will be in consideration. It happens to have been a popular thought that beginning young to learning a second language tends to have an essential difference in the learning of languages. However, several results show that it is not completely true in all the instances. This is because there happens to be further factors which affect the triumphant second language acquisition accomplishment like motivation and exposure to language.


Second Language Acquisition tends to refer to the research on the way students learn second language (L2) in addition to their preliminary first language (L1). Even though it is known as Second Language Acquisition, this is the procedure of learning whichever language besides first language whether it happens to be the second, fourth or fifth language. Thus, whichever language besides the first language tends to be is known as the second language or the target language.

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In conclusion, notion that younger is better, as discussed is not always true since studies gave several evidence which if adequate exposure is not obtainable for young students, they could lose their gain and it may prevent them from benefiting from the learning.

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