Second Amendment

Second Amendment

Second Amendment

Contemporary debates on the issue of bearing arms in the Second Amendment have increasingly been observed in the country. However, these debates seek to give opinions that fail to address the primal issue of why the right-to-bear-arms in the constitution was enshrined. The means of defending oneself as well as the basic right to self-defense is a necessity for everyone and therefore, grows out of the basic right to life.

Modern debates have tried focusing on the real meaning of the amendment questioning whether it does protect the private rights of an individual in keeping or bearing arms.

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Through analysis of the Second Amendment history and text, researchers have sought to establish if indeed the constitution could protect individual’s right in owning weapons for self-defense purposes which includes criminal violence that cannot be prevented by the government[1].

The dissenters have been regarded as bad interpreters of the original meaning or intended purpose of the Second Amendment. In fact, the justice system recently had a panel of judges that sought to discuss on the gun issue and concluded that the Amendment’s nominally right for the individual protects only the people’s right in each of the few States that are mandated in maintaining a well-regulated militia.

Blocher, Joseph. “Categoricalism and Balancing in First and Second Amendment Analysis.” NYUL Rev. 84 (2009): 375.

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