Scripture and Church Research Essay – Mt 15:32-39

Scripture and Church Research Essay - Mt 15:32-39

Scripture and Church Research Essay – Mt 15:32-39

The authorship of the gospel of Mathew just like other gospels was an inspiration from God. The author of this gospel who is the human prophet Matthew got his inspiration from God through the Holy Spirit as many researchers, scholars and religious leaders have concluded. Matthew was a disciple of Jesus chosen while working as a tax collector[1].

The approach in which the events of the narration of the book unfold led to the conviction that Matthew wrote the book. The accepted theory of the authorship of the gospel of Matthew is that it was written by the disciple Matthew through God’s inspiration. [1] Deines R. Did Matthew Know He was Writing Scripture? Part 1. European Journal Of Theology [serial on the Internet]. (2013, Oct) p.101

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He is no only a teacher, but a friend to his disciples and a compassionate and caring messiah to the people who follow him and are hungry for his word. Jesus is also powerful and Godly as seen when he feeds five thousand men with seven loaves and a few small fishes. The miraculous way he was able to multiply the loaves was meant to strengthen his disciples trust in him.

This passage teaches Christians to put their faith and trust in the word of God. People should trust in Jesus, pray, and fast without ceasing. The multitude was so drawn to him and his word that they went to the wilderness with him to listen to his teachings. This shows that Jesus is powerful in his words and as the son of God.

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