Scaffoldings are temporary structures used that are used to separate people in buildings and also offer support during construction or any other reason. They are normally not well built and often one can listen through if someone speaks from the other side of the scaffolding.

Scaffolding can hamper or facilitate communication. Used at a construction site where the builders require constant communication with each other. It will be of good use, however, used in environments where multiple independent consultations need be done from both sides of the divide then the scaffolding will be hampering the independent communication.

Languages are interesting subjects to learn and often require silence and less confusion during teaching and learning. English as a language can be tricky to learn and students need be taught in an environment where they can hear the words clearly when

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they should be in a silent environment where they can listen to every word to ensure a smooth learning process. The interference in sounds and people conversing or being taught in other rooms or classrooms could lead to a chaotic environment where learners might end up not learning properly.

Words that have close pronunciation will be hard to differentiate in an environment where there is no total silence. Such an environment is not favorable for learning and is worse for learning languages.

It will reduce the quality of the learning process and will reduce the understanding of the language and mastery of pronunciation skills (La, 2010).


La, M. S. (2010). Designing the learning environment, Camberwell, Vic: ACER Press.

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