Scaffolding Learning For Second Language Learners

Scaffolding Learning For Second Language Learners

Scaffolding Learning For Second Language Learners.

Scaffolding Learning For Second Language Learners: ‘Second language student” is a term used to refer to a student whose first language is any language other than English. In many cases, such students are not fluent in English.

It is therefore the instructor’s duty to develop mechanisms through which they can efficiently introduce new subjects to the students in question. Such mechanisms include visual aids, graphics, teacher modeling and use of simplified language.

As the second language students become more proficient, the scaffolding can then be gradually removed. This paper will briefly discuss mechanisms instructors can put in place to facilitate scaffolding of information to students whose first language is not English.

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the concept instead of only struggling with the language. Herrell, A. (2000) also wrote that a teacher can instead of asking student s to generate answers decide to ask them to complete or choose answers from a list.

This also ensures that students do not spend too much time cramming words and phrases but concentrate on the general concept. The main aim of the education is to deliver information. Learning the language is secondary.

With the above mechanisms and aids in place, second language students can be able to grasp concepts of the lessons despite not being fluent in English. In the end, the student s will achieve both fluency in English and will have grasped the concepts taught to them by educators.


Herrell, A. (2000). Fifty strategies for teaching English Learners. Upper Saddle River. NJ:             Prentice Hall

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