Say No to GMOs

Say No to GMOs

Say No to GMOs.

Say No to GMOs: On this paper I will discuss the cons that surround the use of GMOs. GMO have a negative of on both human health and the environment. Use of GMO food has an allergic response and is believed to cause the development of cancer in the body.

GM crops contain pesticide that is disastrous to the environment. Thesis of this paper is the abolishment GMO because of their effect they have on the environment and on human health. Use of GMO to increase productivity causes a dependency on their use.

Genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic structure has been altered by humans. They are created in the laboratory through extraction of genes from the DNA of a species and are injected into another gene of unrelated animal or plant.

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that may arise from consuming GMO food (PR, 2013). It is evident that the effects of use of GMO food and products are dangerous to the human health and the environment.

The way these products are introduce in the market is very uncertain because consumers are not aware when they are consuming GMO as the main motive for companies that develop this products is to gain profit without caring the implication on human health and on the environment. GMO should be abolishe to control disastrous effects that result from the use consumption of these products (Ahmed, 2002, p. 220).


Ahmed, F. E. (2002). Detection of genetically modified organisms in foods. TRENDS in Biotechnology, 20(5), 215-223.

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