SARS in China

SARS in China

SARS in China

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) manifested in China in 2003; leading to a public health crisis. The SARS outbreak and spreading made individuals question the healthcare, transport, policies and governance all over the globe.

The spread of the condition to diverse areas of China in such a short duration contributed to the banning of food products and other countries nationals’ to and from China until the condition was controlled. Thought the SARS outbreak was finally in control, it required the input of many professionals in diverse fields; economic, social and political circles in the developing Asian country (Kleinman & Watson, 2006: 110).

Additionally, there was exposition of current and slow protocol systems in China’s response mechanisms to national epidemics. In the first instance, SARS was linked to Chlamydia causative agents who came from the old and respected Chinese Center for Disease Control personnel. The Chinese culture dictates that individuals should respect the old when they give information.

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The improvement of the health systems is also important in reaching of those that are in disadvantage in the community, and are of as much needs about information on current diseases affecting them as those that might be rich in the community.

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