Same sex marriages

Same sex marriages

Same sex marriages.

Same sex marriages: Marriage between two persons who are of the same biological sex or of the same gender identity is referre to as same sex marriage or gay marriage.  To be given the legal permission to perform this act of the same sex marriage is referred to as marriage equality.

The first laws to permit the same sex marriage were enacte during the period of the first decade of 21st century. According to polls conducted in various countries indicate that there is a rise in support to recognize the same sex marriage across race, age, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and political affiliation.

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to this problem would be base on the Theological voluntarism theory which states that an act is rendered moral by neither its consequences nor its nature but instead its virtue of its being commanded by God. This is because every society across the whole world have their own religious believe based on their own God.

These believes are honore and held highly in the society and no one alters them. If a society does not recognize same sex marriage according to their religious believe. It will be hard for the people of that community. To go against that believe for fear of even be lynche

Same sex marriage is an issue that people across the world should think critically about it. And not only pass laws that will question morals held in a particular country.


Koppel man, A. (2002). The gay rights question in contemporary American law. Chicago, Ill: University of Chicago Press.

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