Safety:  Organizations comprise a cluster of individuals that work towards a shared goal. They are generally created when a group of people are brought together to serve a common purpose. Organizational assessments are a common feature in pretty much all organizations. By definition, OAs are the process by which systematic information is obtained on an organization’s performance as well as factors affecting performance in a bid to diagnose areas of potential investment for change and/or to show competence. This paper will analyze the concept of organizational assessment, a tool in establishment of a corporate culture that is safety first.

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Goetsch (2010) states that the common practice in OAs is to contract said assessments to an individual, organization, firm or group. This is the first component of the whom factor in OAs. The second factor would be the management or the contractor.  The investor will rely on the results of the assessment to evaluate potential investment areas.

Goetch, D. L. (2010).

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