Noise, or the unwanted sound, is among the universal occupational health problems. It is a by-product of several industrial processes. Sound comprises of pressure changes of the medium that is caused by turbulence or vibration. These pressure changes usually produce waves originating away from the vibrating or turbulent source.

The degree of damage relies initially on the noise’s intensity and the period of the exposure. Hearing loss which happens to be noise-induced can be permanent or temporary. The temporary hearing loss comes from short-term noise exposures, with the normal hearing returning just after resting for a while. Generally, lengthy exposure to the high levels of noise over a specific period leads to permanent harm.

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The following are some of the recommendations that management can consider to protect the employees from high noise levels. The employer can establish and maintain the audiometric testing program. The significant program elements comprise of baseline audiograms, training, annual audiograms, and the follow-up procedures.

This audiometric testing program follow-up must show whether the hearing conservation program of the employer is preventing the hearing loss. A certified or licensed otolaryngologist, audiologist, or other physicians have to be accountable for the program. Both trained technicians professionals may conduct the audiometric testing.

Asfahl, C. R. (1984). Industrial safety and health management. Englewood Cliffs, N.J: Prentice-Hall.

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