US economy: Forever slowed?

US economy: Forever slowed?

US economy: Forever slowed?

Economic base of any country is one of the most vital areas of concern when analysing the level of a country’s development. However, it is a form of management of resources of the country, community mostly view with its productivity. The main reasons that prompted the study on the above topic are not only for economic knowledge but also focus on the different aspects that slow the rate of U.S economic growth.U.S’ slow economy has a direct bearing on the country today because of the mentioned reasons.

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In a demographic perspective, there are fewer people in the labour market in that retirement age is reduced to the extent that very few or approximately just one person out of ten individuals in the workforce of the United States above sixty years as at the year 2030 but it takes more than baby- boomer retirement to raise the participation rate (Wesley, 2012).

It needs to be a reminder to the ones in the workforce currently below that age to plan for the future before they are surprised with early retirements.Education contributes steadily to the slow economy in the U.S. being that it is a basic need of every citizen, many students have managed to pursue their studies up to the college or even university levels with a big number of students graduating so that they could join the labour market.

Maren C. K (2005). The general outlook: economy of the States: Macmillan, London.

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