Russia’s War

Russia's War

Russia’s War

Russia’s War:The human species has diverse economic, political and social activities. In our daily activities, there are issues that we give an upper hand than others before the day ends. The way we relate to these issues, and our capability to tackle them to their best result dictates a lot on the goals we would like to achieve. These things are used to determine an individual’s, a nation’s or even a corporation’s achievements by the end of the day. They can also be used to determine our shortcomings in life, on areas that are not addressed to one’s expectations. In this regard, the world was not as peaceful as it is today. The world has now formed diplomatic relations between different countries, regardless of their location, race, and religion among other factors.

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The allied forces and the Soviet Union finally managed to get to defeat the Germans, forcing Adolf Hitler to commit suicide. The German forces officially surrender on April 29th in Italy. Benito Mussolini of Italy, who was Adolf Hitler’s counterpart, had been killed by Italian partisans on the previous day marking the end of these tyrannical leaders, as well as the World War II in Europe. The Japanese continued to fight in Asia, but they were also later defeated by these allied forces with the help of the Soviet Union (Kirchubel, 2013). The two atomic bombs that were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki saw the end of World War II.

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