Russian development in New York

Russian development in New York

Russian development in New York

Russian development in New York:Russian development in New York:New York is one of the largest cities that exist in the world and has unique features of that are them are of contrasts from other cities. It’s the only in this large city where one finds diversity of languages from all continents in the world, from Africa to Asia(Behnke, 2006). As you in the street you witness variety of languages: Chinese, French, English, French, Russian…..the list is long because many people tend to speak their multinational languages. It is historical that people with different nationalities live in the same side in the city where Russians live in Brighton city and the Chinese live in china town.

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Russians have made several developments in New York that has boosted their survival in that foreign nation. They have as well invested in the city as evidence in the Brighton beach where most of them have inhabited(Shlapentokh, 2001). In return, they have also contributed to the growth of New York State in payment of customs duty and taxes.

Behnke, A. (2006). Russians in America. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications.

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