Room 101 is an imaginary room invented by George Orwell and was
originally envisioned as a kind of torture chamber which contains your
worst fears which are used as the instrument of your pain; it has now
become a sort of warehouse into which your pet hates can be exiled.
This has been due to the recent television program where celebrities
are given the chance to banish their pet hates from the world.

It took quite some time and desperate self deliberation for me to
finalise my choice of five to banish. These final five items are
things which have recently, as well as consistently, irritated me in
my life time up to the point that I feel I could single handedly go on
a crusade against these tiresome items. So, without further ado, it
gives me great pleasure to announce my candidates for exile as; metal
beds, the way the elderly think about youth, young children’s annoying
behaviour, computers when they crash and cheap cola.

My first choice is metal beds, which I have to endure on a fortnightly
basis. To be honest, I would rather endure sleeping on a bed of nails
on a fortnightly basis because I believe it would be much more
comfortable. This hate is added to by the constant racket caused by
the inescapable but futile attempt to get into a bearable position.
The design is also some thing that infuriates me, it seems like
designers have taken old prison beds and tweaked them an insignificant
amount but just significant enough to seem like an original idea.
Considering this, I move on to my next point about these insufferable
beds; the price. It is at an extortionate level compared to the more
labour intensive wooden beds. Only designer beds seem to be more
expensive, which to some people may seem reasonable but to me seems
idiotic also. So I beg of you, please place metal beds into Room 101.

My second choice is the elderly population’s view of youth
particularly the view that teenagers are all criminals or have
criminal intentions. This hatred originated, for me, from my nana’s
over bearing style of caring for her grandchildren, for example force
feeding me food that I really did not like and was making me feel ill.
It then went on to expand with each dirty look and critical comment
that I noticed coming from an elderly person. These comments all have
the same thing in common; they always imply that I’m breaking some
rule or another, which in some cases has hit the nail on the head but
in others, has been completely off the mark. The thing that really
annoys me about this is that they can’t seem to remember what it was
like for them to be teenagers, I’m sure it can’t have been completely
different “back in their day”, as in the case of my grandmother who
used to wear a duffel coat and tartan trousers, which were considered
to be extreme to the point that people used to shout out of their
windows at her.

My third choice, young children’s consistent whining and tendency
towards violence is also something I must endure regularly, this time
weekly, from my younger sister. I’m certain that older siblings can
relate to this but what annoys me more is when this violence comes
from young children I don’t know or have only met once. The idea of a
strange child trying to beat your leg into a bloody pulp is the most
loathsome experience I have ever had the displeasure to experience.
This mainly comes from friends’ younger siblings who either adore or
despise me and want to show their sometimes seemingly abnormal
feelings, I must admit, I have wanted to batter them around the head
just so they’ll leave me alone.

My penultimate choice, something which has mainly occurred to me
recently, is computers that crash halfway through something which has
not been saved. I am sure that this is universal to all people who
have encountered this in the past, but it seems to happen to me on a
daily basis. I am constantly exasperated by my Xbox crashing, or not
being able to read the disc when I’m just at the end of an important
mission and I have to do it all again. It is the most infuriating
thing I have ever experienced. I am worried even as I write this
assignment that my laptop will crash and I’ll have to do it all again.
I have tried everything I can to prevent this from occurring, but I
still believe that I will lose all my work just as I finish it and I
can not bear it. This item does, as many can testify, bring out a
violent side of even the quietest person, who instantly wants to throw
their computer through a wall and then set it on fire just to get back
at the damnable machine. However much they may want to take out the
most horrific revenge a machine can ever experience they usually just
go on and repeat the hour’s work over and over again until the
computer decides to let them print or e-mail it and it could not be
more irritating.

And lastly, the ultimate disgust I have ever experienced comes from my
final choice, cheap cola. This “no frills” cola from most supermarkets
implies that the frills are the taste that we get from more expensive
colas including the fifty six pence bottles from the corner shops
everywhere. This seems like a bit of minor discrimination against the
poorer people of the world, e.g. students, who must endure the
distasteful contents of these cheap colas. This seems especially
strange considering that other flavours in the same price range and
sometimes from the same brand taste fine. I have to hold my hands up
to the triviality of this choice but it is something that irritates me
immensely. I would have thought that anyone who has tasted these colas
must agree but I do know a person who enjoys these disgusting drinks
quite a lot and that just baffles me.

In conclusion I beg that these five items are accepted and exiled from
the world and would hope that people can relate to my frustration in
these matters.

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