Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty

Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty

Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty

The Roman Empire was located in Europe in 27 BC occupying around 1.062 million miles square. An aristocratic government ruled it, and its headquarters were in Rome. The Han Dynasty was located in China in the 202 BC. Emperors ruled it, and it was one of the many dynasties in China.

The Roman Empire had many achievements that presently are still of great use. They built the largest and the most durable road networks in the ancient times. At their most dominant time, they built roads that were 5600 miles and comprised of 29 major highways. In the beginning, the roads were to help navigate soldiers quickly but later they were used by people and like during the trade.

Another great achievement was the Roman engineering that aided transporting of water to their cities and towns. They built some of the aqueducts remaining today to carry water from the springs to cities over 250 miles away. The Romans also developed the Roman language that has evolved into many languages today such as French, Latin, Italian Spanish and Portuguese.

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In addition, Luo Guanzhong romance of the three kingdoms that placed on the influence eunuchs and other issues led to the fall of the dynasty. Such factors were excessive power held in the court by some families. The eunuchs diminished the authority of the son of the emperor Heavan. The Battle of the Red Cliffs also resulted in the fall of the dynasty.

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