Roman Catholic Church and Latin America

Roman Catholic Church and Latin America

Roman Catholic Church and Latin America.

Roman Catholic Church and Latin America: The Roman Catholic Church has had a great impact on the identity of Latin America in many ways. During the 300 years of colonial rule, the Catholic Church domination of cultural and religious life has a great influence in the economic and political life of Latin America.

After the independence from Portugal and Spain in the nineteenth century, positivists, liberals and freemasons in the new states, challenged the ideological exclusive claims of the church, as a result, this forced the church on to the defensive.

The Catholic Church economic, political and social power was weakened by the state secularization and its absorption of anticlerical and liberal’s influences, lay education introduction, civil marriage, burial and church properties confiscation.

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advocate and championed for basic human rights for the people. It has also played a great role in opposing unjust treatment of the people by the government. Through its actions, the church has established a society that promotes and encourages cooperation among people in order to put in place a better civilization.

The church has also played an important part in providing healthcare, creating foundation for education. And providing skills for infrastructure development and agriculture improvement. The role that the Catholic Church has played in shaping the culture of Latin America. Is so important that both of them cannot be separated. Today, good ideas and a very rich culture of traditions are growing, and flourishing to create a better future.


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