Roles:Boy scouts

Roles Boy scouts

Roles:Boy scouts

The term role is used to refer to the function assumed by someone or the part an individual person or a thing plays in a particular situation or context. A role can also be determined by birth, culture or by choices amongst others. Some people follow admirable roles, like presidents, actors, and famous people. A person can play several roles simultaneously; for example, boy scouts are teenagers and at the same time, they are usually high school students. Being a Scout involves more than just knowing how to tie knots and set a fire. Scouting has been in existence in Saudi Arabia from 1961 and has continued growing in numbers and strength as an organization since then. The organization plays a central role in molding many boys in Saudi Arabia to be more responsible and acquire many skills.

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This is also enhance through the instilling of a willingness to take orders and to respect authority. Through training courses, playing leadership roles and engaging in the challenging outdoor life, the boy scouts get to develop their character. They also learn to make new friends and are availed many opportunities to do so at Jamborees, during community service and as they travel.

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Al-fuwaires, Ziyad. Personal interview. 08 Apr. 2015.

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