Role of women as portrayed by herodotus

Role of women as portrayed by herodotus

Role of women as portrayed by herodotus

Role of women as portrayed by herodotus: The Histories; were written by Herodotus from the 450s to 420s BC. They are used as ancient records on matters concerning the geography, traditions, and forms of governments. They also portray different cultures that existed in Asia and Greece in the past. They also give vivid accounts of wars that took place in different empires such as the Persian Empire and Achaemenid Empire. In the Histories, Herodotus presents different women and their different roles in the society during those times. There is a way in which he portrays the female gender in the Histories.

Herodotus portrays women with a role of punishing. They are given the ability to ‘discipline’ their male counterparts. In the first book of the Histories, we see Candaule, the king of Lydia allowing his wife to undress and be seen nude.

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Amestris made the decision on who to punish after her husband was involved in love affairs. She decided to take revenge on Masistes’ wife. Their role was to execute plans. Herodotus depicts them as people who were able to accomplish their plans no matter the circumstances. There was a woman who was also a queen. Her name was Nitocris of Babylon. The Egyptians had killed his brother by slaying him. She came up with a plan.

The fact that not all Egyptians were responsible for the death of her brother, she only invited the perpetrators of the murder in a feast. Her plan was accomplished after she killed them. Candaules’s wife was able to execute her plan and as a result, having a revenge against her husband. (Herodotus, the Histories, 1.187).

Waterfield, Robin, and C. Dewald. “Herodotus: The Histories.” Herodotus:(translation (1998).

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