Role Models & Celebs

The 21st Century is seen as a celebrity-obsessed culture. It is easy to witness how the famous few can tend to become role models for the children. While parents are archetypally the first adults to serve as models in most children’s lives, as they grow, a well-known musician, actor, and even sports figures replace the parents as role models. As they grow up, they are exposed to the mass media. In the mass, children are blasted with an assortment of celebrities and sports figures.

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The same happens when it comes to clothing. Young people rely on the celebrities to identify clothing trends. If they see a pop star clothed in a certain way during an event, they tend to believe that such outfits are trending. Therefore, to get such clothes, some will even steal money from their parents. It is, therefore, clear that negative influences by the celebs surpass the positive ones. This creates doubts whether famous figures can be truly considered as role models.

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