Robert Frost and Walt Whitman’s poems

Robert Frost and Walt Whitman's poems

Robert Frost and Walt Whitman’s poems

Robert Frost and Walt Whitman’s poems:In poetry, structure is an important consideration. A formal structure in poetry determines its petition. Walt Whitman and Robert Frost are two great ancient poets who left a legacy in poetry. Their work is exceptional, and there is much to emulate them in this art. The two poets have used figures of peach throughout their poems to make them colorful and interesting.

For instance, in his poem ‘Mending Walls’, Frost multiple figures of speech have been used including alliteration, assonance, metaphor, personification, and personification. As a lyricist, a philosopher, and a symbolist, Frost is careful to use figures of speech in a well-structured style to spice up the poem ‘Desert Places.’ (Kennedy, 2010, p. 12).

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However, unlike Frost, Walt does not seem to use paradox in his poetry. Instead, he appears to use a rhythm and a meter. There are similarities in Frost and Walt’s poetry in repetition of words, word choice, use of metaphor, and theme. However, the two poets have different and unique styles. For instance, Walt’s poems do not have a rhythm scheme while Frost’s appears to use them often in his poems.

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