Roanoke Colony

Roanoke Colony

Roanoke Colony.

Roanoke Colony: Though it may sound unbelievable, the Roanoke Colony has developed overtime to the present State of North Carolina. The history of the Roanoke Colony dates back to the ancient times when the eastern portion of the state was mostly covered with water in which gigantic megalodon sharks used to roam (Stick, 1984).

Mastodons and wooly mammoths occupied the land portion of the state at that time. Prehistorians were of the opinion that Native Americans started settling in the Roanoke Colony approximately ten thousand years ago (Stick, 1984).

During the duration that preceded 1500, Native Americans had fully settled in the Roanoke Colony and had started the process of establishing the Town Creek of Indian Mound close to the Gilead Mountains (Miller, 2000).

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One of the most memorable events that took place during the period that preceded 1755. Was the murder of Edward Teach on 22 November of 1718.

Teach who was also known as Blackbeard was of English origin and had a tendency of terrorizing Americans through his acts of piracy (Miller, 2006). At some point in 1746, the then colonial government decided considered according the town of Bath the status of Roanoke Capital city.

This did not materialize because it was not the most appropriate (Miller, 2006). Over and above, the then Roanoke Colony has made greater strides in all aspects of life: socially, economically and culturally.

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