Risk assessment in Information Technology

Risk assessment in Information Technology

Risk assessment in Information Technology

This paper will address risk assessment in Information Technology. The essay will discuss factors used to identify all kinds of risks in company network diagram. It will also assess the risk factors that are inclusive for the Company and give the assumptions related to the security data as well as regulatory issues surrounding risk assessment.

In addressing the global implications, the paper will propose network security vulnerabilities and recommend the mitigation measures for the vulnerabilities. Cryptography recommendations based on data driven decision-making will be assessed, and develop risk assessment methodologies.

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Critical information on threats often remains locked within each company because of different issues and fears. Like the fear of responsibility if shared data erupts to be wrong or worth collateral damage and worries that the information can be used against a company by regulators. The the state has its own rules that stop information sharing on its part.

For example, the state has its classified intellect information systems that are hesitant to share (Casas, 2006). But by opening up the process of information sharing, the cyber industry confidence will increase, and the collaboration with the government will get better, thereby increasing opportunities for public and private sector collaboration.

Brien, P. (2008). GFI M+Network Security and PCI Compliances Power. Laura
Colantoni Publishing.

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