Righteousness: For any individual who is inclined towards achieving absolute divinity the Bible is a book that they have to study. Given the characteristics that it has, I would be forgiven if I said that the Bible is a book of its own kind.

Apart from the fact that the Holy Spirit inspired the writers, it is also important to recognize the fact that the Bible is an accurate book that contains no error.

In addition, the Bible is complete, majorly because it contains all the information that any interested party needs to know regarding divinity as well as the fact that all the promises put out in the Bible are always fulfilled.

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Biblical books. I cannot deny the fact that righteous people do exist in this generation. In like manner, we cannot turn blind to the fact that some unrighteous people do exist.

The foundation of righteousness is simple and complicated at the same time. It is simple in that only faith and doing the right thing is require. It is complex in that most of us have always found it challenging. To keep strong in faith and do the right thing always.

One advantage of the Bible is that it gives us the chance to choose the destiny we desire (Black 112-313). Whichever way a person deems fit for him, we are sure of one thing. That God wants the best for all of us.

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