Right to Reproduce Bio Ethics

Right to Reproduce Bio Ethics

Right to Reproduce Bio Ethics

Drs. Minkoff and Ecker (2009), state that reproductive endocrinologists should not concern themselves with economic interests imposed by society in making considerations regarding who to offer their services. That is to say that the reproductive endocrinologist’s ethical obligation does not extend to the consideration and protection of economic interests of the society and anyone should be grant the opportunity to get assistance reproductive technology. They should not be in task to judge the suitability of individuals to parent.

They however qualify his assertion by saying that the same reproductive endocrinologists may be allow to refuse offering their services in some “extreme” situations.

Additionally, the reproductive endocrinologist also propose that a firm limit be place on the number of embryos that may be transfer; limited to a number that is medically and ethically suitable. Their arguments seem to support the individual’s right to reproduce regardless of other considerations by society. Their only concern is in case the doctor feels that the individual could face harm in the process of reproducing; and in the number of embryos that should be implanted.

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According to the WHO, an individual’s right to reproduce is also sacrosanct. The other considerations that society may wish to impose on the individual should not bear as much weight as the observation of the unalienable right of the individual to reproduce without being constrained or forced to follow certain restrictions.

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