Reviving Ophelia

In the book, Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls author Mary Pipher seeks to explore various issues encountered by girls during adolescence. In the 1994 text, Pipher examines the conventional models in the fields of sociology, psychology, and gender studies to guide her thesis. From the beginning, Pipher enumerates the radical changes girls undergo during adolescence. According to Pipher girls as preadolescents are androgynous, confident, and enthusiastic. However, as they begin early adulthood, these girls abandon their true selves and are “oversocialized” in their struggle to satisfy peer and family expectations and to match the media’s notion of the feminine role.

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She declares that so long as this dreary state of culture continues, American girls will have a difficult time finding their true selves. Reviving Ophelia is an illuminating book, one that every girl must read, since all the issues addressed in the text are similar to what is experienced by every young girl in their journey to discovering who they are.

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