Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention.

Decisive behavior intervention is a strategic approach used to in school to improve the behavior among students and provoke them to change their behavior using a response intervention model.  These approaches are used to invoke student to improve their behavior and improve their performance, reduce negative behavior and develop a positive culture for the student while in the classroom.  Response to intervention is an approach used to invoke high-quality intervention to meet the needs of students and assist them when making educational decisions. The best methodologies of collecting information from students include observation and administering questionnaires to identify behavior problem.

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Identify behavioral pattern among students and harmful behaviors that affect learning process and affecting the performance of students. The researcher has to understand challenges that affect academic performance among students. Through observation, the investigator will identify behavioral patterns among students without disrupting or raising the attention of students to gather relevant information. Through administering, questionnaires will enable the research to collect additional information from students to assist them to develop a positive behavior and improve their performance while in school. The intervention problem involves several strategies which include supporting behavioral changes among students. This will enable students to develop a positive behavior and attitude towards education. Through behaviors change students will enable students to understand the importance of behavior change on their academic performance. Secondly, support the social and academic performance of students will enable them to with behavioral change.

Fairbanks, S., Sugai, G., Guardino, D., & Lathrop, M. (2007). Response to intervention: Examining classroom behavior support in second grade. Exceptional Children, 73(3), 288-310.

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