Response and mitigation

Response and mitigation

Response and mitigation

The primary effects of hurricanes are among the most destructive natural hazards in terms of death toll and frequency. Hurricanes pose a major threat to coastal areas that are related to storm surge threat. There are multiple hazards because property and loss of lives result from factors such as storm surge, high wind velocity and heavy rains as a result of high and low central pressure that include secondary effects such as landslides, flooding and other related damages.

The impacts are a function of where and when the hurricane hits. Storm surge is a large done of water that bows across the shoreline near where a hurricane makes landfall as water is pushed towards the shore wind forces that swirls around the storm and the drop in pressure. The surge associations with the typical tide to create a storm tide and wind wave that are superimposed to cause a hurricane.

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Federal Emergency Management Agency primary role is to coordinate response to the disaster that occur in US and has overwhelmed authorities at the local and state level. Employers have the role of providing safe and healthy workplace to workers. Employers have the role of protecting workers from expected hazards that are associated with response and recovery operation workers are likely to conduct.

Broz, D., Levin, E. C., Mucha, A. P., Pelzel, D., Wong, W., Persky, V. W., & Hershow, R. C. (2009). Lessons learned from Chicago’s emergency response to mass evacuations caused by Hurricane Katrina. American journal of public health, 99(8), 1496.

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