Resource Review

Resource Review

Resource Review

Resource review is critical in helping validate the information provided. It helps analyse whether the resource is up to date and in correspondence with the current KLA syllabus. Reviews are done so as to offer curriculum support and literature appreciation. Besides enhancing quality teaching,

it also enriches technological, information, critical and visual literacy. The paper will help us know whether the information exemplifies emerging literacy or pedological trends and is authoritative.
The document presented on the female reproductive system is accurate (Skaine, 2005, p.213). Scientists have proved that numerous eggs are present in the ovary at birth. The literature has clearly named the various parts of the female genitals. Moreover, the research provides ambient conditions for the students clearly to know the reason why the clitoris is a very sensitive organ. Despite all this, the successful understanding of the text will require tutors to present students with visual images of the female genital parts. The visual images will help them assimilate more information because they can relate the information to the pictures.

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This paper has helped us evaluate the hormonal changes in both males and females. To add to various diseases that male and female genital systems are exposed to have been overly emphasized. Various sources have been outlined from which students can learn more about the genital parts.

Skaine, R. (2005). Female genital mutilation: Legal, cultural, and medical issues. Jefferson, N.C. [u.a.: McFarland.

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