Research Planning for a Satisfaction Attitude Survey

Research Planning for a Satisfaction Attitude Survey

Research Planning for a Satisfaction Attitude Survey.

Research Planning for a Satisfaction Attitude Survey: In  the  airline  industry,  there  has  been  a  recorded  number  of  competitors  over  time. The  main  factors  affecting  the  airline  industry  are  mostly  the  environmental  and  the  decreasing  passenger  numbers (Brock-Al, 1994).

These  factors,  combined  with  the  increasing  number  of  growing  airlines  in  the  industry,  have led  to  airline  companies  proposing  different  strategies  that  will  preserve  their  reputation  thus  maintaining  its  customers.

Emirates  airline  company  has  been  one  of  the  biggest  airlines  in  the  world. It  managed  to  maintain  high  passenger  levels, but  it  has  been  rocked  by  setbacks  due  to  other  upcoming  airlines  looking  to  steal  the  market  share.  Passengers  are  spoilt  for  choice  regarding  which  airline  to  travel

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The research may become complicated to evaluate results based on formless questionnaires. In conclusion surveys are the foremost priorities of corporate achievements. It depicts the procedure of how methodologies function in terms of customer measurements of data and statistics.

When comparing different methodologies, there are some advantages and disadvantages as survey depends on respondents and a focus group involved with discussions (O’Connell &William, 2011).

The report shows that in order for airline companies to maintain their reputation and cope with the ever changing market, certain strategies should be employe and for companies dealing with passenger satisfaction it is undoubtedly the customers who will improve the airline company’s position in the market.


BROCK-AL ANSARI, C. A. (1994). The complete United Arab Emirates cookbook: including local customs and traditions. Dubai, Emirates, the international airline of the UAE.

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