Research plan outline-science and technology

Research plan outline-science and technology

Research plan outline-science and technology

Science and technology are both branches of knowledge, science deals with a body of facts, and technology deals with the creation ( Society has evolved through science and technology. Technology is a large field and is attributed to numerous categories of science and study. Science and technology have an immense influence on everyday life and numerous people prosper to maintain discovering more new and inventive technologies for society. Recognizing the increasing role of technology in both the comprehension and enhancement of science and in the delivery of information in education will help with the training of teacher enhancement (Cohen, 1992). The effect of science and technology in our lives will carry on growing.

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The two major instruments I will consider and use extensively are surveys and questionnaires. Questionnaires are very effective since they can be passed around in class before the session commences, and the results collected after the end of the session. However, with the surveys, it will require a one-on-one communication approach. Unlike the questionnaires, surveys have an issue with providing anonymity to subjects. Questionnaires will be the most effective tools to use as they will be easier, faster, and will provide anonymity to the subjects hence ensuring accuracy in the data collected. Science and technology are imperative and relevant to education and society. Technology is a large field attributed to numerous categories of science and study.

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