Research interest evaluation

Research interest evaluation

Research interest evaluation

Anxiety is frequent among students at all educational levels. Test anxiety is experienced during testing situations and has been shown to draw emotional reactions that contribute to task obstruction and lower academic testing performance. TA is also related to poor study habits, negative evaluation fears and the hating of tests (Hembree, 1988).

Additionally, high test anxiety levels have been shown to be negatively associated to many factors like memory, IQ, and academic achievement (Cassady and Johnson, 2002). I picked Josh E. Gunn (Ph.D) who is a registered psychologist and a psychology teacher at the Kennesaw State University whose area of interest is similar to mine.

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I am competent in this topic that I don’t need to take a statistics course of data analysis and gathering methods because I already know the TAI (Test Anxiety Inventory)  is used to evaluate test anxiety in students and includes emotionality and worry subscales. The STAI (State-Trait Anxiety Inventory) uses self-evaluation so as to determine the anxiety level of the individuals in general.

Lastly, The WCST (Wisconsin Card Sorting Test) measures of executive functioning in which participants are instructed to match or sort 64 cards that differ according to color, shape, and number of elements they have to one of four “key” cards.

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