Report on civil war as a world`s security threat

Report on civil war as a world`s security threat

Report on civil war as a world`s security threat

The steady proliferation of the civil wars with the end of the Cold War is held in a prominent conservative point of wisdom. Religious and ethnic antagonisms become the key root causes of many this civil wars. It is evident that the present predominance of internal war is basically the outcome of a sound propagation of protracted conflicts from the periods of 1950’s and 1960’s, but not an abrupt change that has come up as a result of new, post-Cold War international system.

As per the view of Brown & Langer (2012), the current pervasiveness of the civil wars upshots from the firm accumulation of protracted crises from the period 1950’s and 1960’s upwards, besides the current changes in the post-Cold War world set-up. The process of recruitment of rebel groups and corruption in counteringinsurgency systems have been facilitated majorly by critical issues such as political instability, weak states and poverty.

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The existence of weak states, poverty, political instability and huge populations leads to situations which favor insurgency and recruitment of rebel groups.Fragile nations are unwilling or unable to control civil conflicts due to fragile local policing and crooked counterinsurgency practices.

Some sources like Barak & Sheffer (2009) claim there is little evidence to show that the absence of democracy or respect for minority groups and civil libertiesleads to the ignition of civil war. This report is likely to be influential in part since it does not stand on its own. The conclusions are in line with a range of empirical pieces of latest research on conflict.

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