Report assignment two: team case brief

Report assignment two: team case brief

Report assignment two: team case brief

Consumers may purchase unhealthy foods at times from food stores without their knowledge. At times it can be due to ignorance, but other times it is because of the trust vested on the suppliers to provide medically fit products. There are instances when companies such as Chobani Yoghurt who deliver unfit products without their knowledge. It is only after the consumers complain that they become aware of the condition of the product.

The government has boards that are responsible of inspecting the type and content of foods released into the market by producers. When cases of unfit food are heard in a state it implies that such boards are failing in their work and there could be foods that could cause worse effects on consumers in the market. The paper shall, therefore, discuss the best decision that should be undertaken by the company in dealing with the matter.

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The decision also provided a better understanding of the situation to the customers and, therefore, competitors who may try to use the incident to increase its market share or destroy the name of Chiboni Company may not succeed. Issuing an immediate news response was also a fast way of sending the urgent information to consumers not to use the product in order to minimize the number of patients.

The decision was also considered best because it would send a signal to other food industries to improve their measures regarding the safety of the foods released into the market. The move also showed the company was confident and it was not guilty for distributing the stock. Their move helps to indicate that it was an accident (Abood, 2011).

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