Renaissance and Art

Renaissance and Art

Renaissance and Art.

Renaissance and Art: Renaissance is considered to have begun in Italy. When the renaissance movement began; the civilization of Rome and Greece had long been imparting a partial influence on parts of Europe, especially Italy (Chaudhuri, 2010).

In many sense we are still in mid-renaissance. The evolution is yet to be completed. Renaissance is the reason why a new culture developed in Europe back in the middle ages.

After the intellectual revival that is caused by renaissance, men look upon life and the world as a whole from a different perspective. Renaissance is responsible for the development of ancient literatures.  Native tongues started to develop their own voice in Europe after the renaissance.

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of a scientific outlook gave a serious setback to the position of the church. People began to question the rituals practiced by the church. Renaissance paved way for the many reforms in church today. Renaissance led to new forms of sculpture, architecture and music. This caused the fine art industry to grow tremendously.

Renaissance paved way to colonization. The invention of the compass led mariners to discover continents like Africa. Later, Africa was colonize by European countries. Slave trade is also another indirect effect of renaissance.

Renaissance contributed to the evolution of strong monarchies in Europe. People desired a system for governance after the fall of authority from the church. Therefore monarchical powers were develope all over Europe to offer political stability and peace.


Chaudhuri, S., & Jadavpur University. (2010). Renaissance reborn: In search of a historical paradigm.

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