Remember the Titans – Movie Review

Remember the Titans - Movie Review

Remember the Titans – Movie Review.

Remember the Titans – Movie Review: Psychology is the study of how persons and groups behave and their mental developments (Plotnick, 2002). Individualities of these behaviors and mental developments are depicted in many diverse ways within the films that we produce. Remember the Titans is a film that takes place in Alexandria, VA, where the incorporation of civil rights acts is just starting.

The laws cause an outrage from the white folks of Alexandria; especially after the execution of a law that joined the white and African American schools into one.

There is a coaching switch on the football team that is due to the schools combining; a new black coach, Coach Boones, is assumed the head coach at the new school replacing the famous Coach Yoast, that is presently there. There is much bitterness

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but in a positive note, conformity can bring a community to unison with common agenda. Such factors prove that conformity is a group norm.

Factors, such as, group size, agreements, status, cohesion, and public scrutiny all contribute to regulate the level of conformity an individual is likely to reflect towards his group. It can be conclude this concept influences the formation and maintenance of social behaviors.

Remember the Titans express several aspects of social behavior through the psychological concept of conformity, racism and realistic conflict theory. Social behavior, though varying at the beginning of the film, changes intensely through different process of the social-psychological concepts and it becomes better.


Bruckheimer, J. (Director). (2000). remember the titans [Motion picture]. USA: Walt Disney Pictures.

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