Religious Exemptions for Private Businesses

Religious Exemptions for Private Businesses

Religious Exemptions for Private Businesses

Lately, issues have been raised where insurance companies have declined to cover birth control to certain religious groups and affiliations. Similarly, some restaurants have also taken the same path and declined to serve certain people simply because of religious differences and objections. However, on Monday 6/30/2014, the Supreme Court ruled these issues noting that family-owned companies and closely held companies are liberties to disregard the Affordable Care Act’s provisions for no-cost prescription contraception in many health insurances only if there are religious objections to consider.

Religious liberty is today very controversial, and one of the main principals is strong disagreements especially over sexual morality. About same-sex marriage, gay rights, and abortion, conservative religious leaders denounce it as evils, while some Americans find it as a primary human right (Fiala 2).

Many posit that this ruling is oppressing some people and putting women at risk. It is also found to jeopardize women’s health particularly those who work at companies that have been included in the decision that the court has made. Subsequently, the court concluded that there is a substitute for the contraceptives mandate.

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The Supreme Court judge concluded by saying that t is not possible to imagine establishing a public insurance alternative whose role is to pick up accountability for the patchwork of certain services that particular employers could find mismatched with their religious beliefs.

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