Religions: Religion in essence refers to an organized assortment of worldly views, beliefs and cultural systems that relate the human race to an order of existence. Different religions have their own way of explaining the meaning and origin of life.

It is from this that people derive their ethics and/or a preferred way of life. Understanding the different religions involves a close look at their teachings, purposes, historical comparisons and a study of their impact on the world; singly or collectively.

The Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, are the spiritual ancestors of Judaism who founded this religion and Jewish people  are their descendants. The term “G-d” is used in respect to the Jewish prohibition against spelling the name in full.

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changed by parents, and when they get of age, they are accountable for their deeds in paradise. They prohibit eating of pork and gambling. Unlike Christians and Muslims, Judaism does not have formal mandatory beliefs instead; it focuses more on actions than the believers do

Religion made it easier to deal with everyday problems and issues like diseases and death, which were common because of the lack of medicine and technology. It enabled people to live of spiritual protection, life with less fear of death and hope in the afterlife.

Exploitation of the natives was another negative effect because of different civilizations with different religious beliefs wanted to convert to Christianity. Wars often erupted, and many people were slaughtered.


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