Religion in Schools

Religion in Schools

Religion in Schools

Religion in Schools:There are religion-based conflicts in school that contract with faith and belief of the student. Student argued that some practice violate their religious liberty provided by the constitution of the US, which gives citizen the freedom to engage in any religion or with out any faith in any religion as long as an individual abides by the law. This paper seek to discuss a case file by a student over religious message in a speech. The federal case ruled that a district school in Craryville in New York did not violate civil rights as claimed by a former middle school student that the principal should remove religious sentiments from her speech in a graduation-type event.

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Religion issues in schools have created controversies because the law bar them from practicing any form of religious practice including promoting.

Haynes, C. C., & Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. (2003). The First Amendment in schools: A guide from the First Amendment Center. Alexandria, Va: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

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