Relief Organizations

Relief Organizations

Relief organizations

Relief organizations play a great role in relieving people in case of a terrorist attack. Some of the most recognized relief organizations include the American Red Cross and APA disaster response, all of which have played a great role in response to terrorism attacks. The American Red Cross is an organization that provides disaster relief and emergency assistance (Lowe & Fothergill, 2003). It provides relief nationwide with over 650 chapters and approximately 36 blood services regions, which are dedicated to saving lives.On the other hand, APA disaster response network is a group of psychologists who offer psychological help to individuals, families, and communities affected by a disaster (Mangelsdorff, 2006).

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The American Red Cross responds to emergencies as soon as possible. In case of a terrorist attack like the September 11, the American Red Cross was actively engaged in offering relief to the victims. They solicited blood donations for the victims of the terror attack. They also solicited funds to help the victims of the terror attack that they acquire through fundraising and charitable organizations. These strategies are effective in saving the lives of several injured people (Lowe & Fothergill, 2003).

Lowe, S., & Fothergill, A. (2003). A need to help: Emergent volunteer behavior after September.

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