Relevance of Greek tradition to ethics

Relevance of Greek tradition to ethics

Relevance of Greek tradition to ethics.

Relevance of Greek tradition to ethics: Greek philosophers have taken a lead role in the shaping the western tradition as they tried to explain the world through evidence and reasoning. Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle were the most prominent of the Greek philosophers as they narrowed their attention down to the role of the human being than on offering explanations of the physical world.

Discussion of the Four Cardinal Virtues; wisdom, justice, fortitude and temperance may be  in Plato’s Republic. The same virtues also appear quite prominently in Aristotle’s moral theory.

The Greek idea of these ethics was passed on to the Romans and later incorporated into Christian moral theology. Full consideration of these virtues from a theological view was given by St. Thomas Aquinas during the scholastic period (Finnis, 2007).

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influence or coercion into revealing. Illegal drug use may be indicative of inability or unwillingness to abide by the law, the presence of emotional or personality problems or may even cause financial problems leading to unlawful activity in order to finance the habit.

Serious mental illness or disorders such as anxiety, schizophrenia affective disorders may come about as a result of drug use (Bosshardt & Crawford, 2007).

Drug use in federal agencies are not in the best interests of national security, health and safety of the public, law enforcement and the Federal service efficiency, and in order maintain integrity random drug tests should be from time-to-time.


Bosshardt, M.J., & Crawford, K.S.(2007). Revision of adjudicativeguidelines for alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and mental/emotional disorders (PERS-TR-92-003).

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